Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blue Bloods- by Melissa de la Cruz

I was pleasantly surprised when I was reading this book; I figured that it would be like every other vampire book that's been unearthed since Twilight. You know, loner girl meets brooding vampire, throw in a bit of violence, some blood, and a whole bunch of drama and you've got a teenage horror novel. This wasn't the greatest of books, but it did keep me interested. The vampire myth was once again twisted making it different than any of the other vampire books I've read; Although I will admit, I haven't read many. At least these vampires don't sparkle. There is a major twist at the end that I thought was interesting, not good....Not totally bad...Just different. But I won't give any spoilers.

One thing I hated about the book was Mimi's relationship with her brother; it was certainly disturbing,
another problem I had was how much time the author took explaining the fashion, all the clothes, and the shoes, and the makeup, and the hair styles were all explained in more detail then anyone cares. Since there were no translations for all of these unknown things, I found it more difficult to understand then a Shakespeare play.

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