Friday, November 27, 2009

Eragon & Eldest- By Christopher Paolini

ERAGON: The storyline had potential but it never really gets interesting. Saphira is a good character, but Eragon is really boring. I would not recommended reading this. But alot of people like it; everyone has their own opinion.

ELDEST: Well if you are a fan of the first book just ignore my review because we obviously have very different opinions.
The only good part in this book was Roran, I loved reading his story, the rest of the book..... I was not impressed. Saphira was just pathetic, and Eragon who used to be just a boring idiot has been promoted to a love sick boring idiot. if you didn't like Eragon(the book), you can flip through Eldest and read the parts with Roran, or just skip it altogether. I can't decided which is a better option.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Emma- By Jane Austen

I first saw the movie a few years ago, it was hilarious. The main character is a girl named Emma who trys her hand at matchmaking. Lets just say things don't always turn out how she plans :P

I finally finished the book. it's hard to believe that, even with the 200 years difference, people are exactly the same. Characters like Emma, Mr. Woodhouse, Mrs. Elton, Miss Bates, are so real, you really know people that are like that. Unfortunately there are not enough people like Mr. Knightley, out of all the Jane Austen books I've read (this is my 3rd) Mr. Knightley is my favorite Jane Austen guy. I thought the first half of the book was a bit boring, but as soon as I hit the halfway mark I started really liking the story. It's a good story. If your a Jane Austen fan it should definitely be on your list of books to read.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ruby in the Smoke- By Philip Pullman

This is the first book in the Sally Lockhart Mysteries Trilogy, the second is The Shadow in the North, the third The Tiger in the Well, and a related mystery The Tin Princess. I found it a bit difficult to follow at times, but I’m not used to reading mysteries and keeping track all the different names. It is a great book, the side characters are great, but Sally doesn’t have much of a personality in this book, although the villain, Mrs. Holland, has enough to make up for it, she exactly the type of villain you love to hate. The book is not that long, so you don’t have much of an excuse not to read it.


Do NOT read the summery for the Tiger in the Well if you haven’t read The Shadow in the North, it gives a big spoiler and I was really disappointed.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pride & Prejudice- By Jane Austen

The story is centered on the five daughters of a country gentleman, Mr. Bennet. Jane, the oldest, is sweet tempered and unwilling to believe anyone to be capable of wrongdoings; always giving everyone more chances then they deserve. Elizabeth the ‘next in age and beauty’ is strong willed and outspoken for a girl of her age. Mary prefers to be alone with her music and books. Kitty, a giggly airhead who always follows Lydia’s lead. Lydia, the youngest and the most shallow.

Throughout the whole book Mrs. Bennet is trying to get her five daughters married, preferably to a rich man, enter Mr. Bingly, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Wickham, and Mr. Collins.

I love this book, the characters and storyline are great. Definitely my favorite Jane Austen book that I've read so far. I would suggest watching the movie first; it’s easier to read the book when you are familiar with the story and language. I like the version with Kiera Knightly, but a lot of people I know like the 8 hour BBC version.

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.’ you’ve just read the first two lines of Pride & Prejudice, go pick it up at your local library or a book store and continue it.

Interesting facts:
Pride and Prejudice was first published in 28 January 1813.
It was originally titled First Impressions.

First Post

I love books, and I've been reading more then ever lately. I can't understand people who don't like books, well I didn't like books much either when I first started reading; I was a kid, what's other peoples excuse. I grew up reading Winnie the Pooh picture books, when I got a little older I started reading the Mary-Kate and Ashleigh books, then American Girl. Four years ago I really got interest in horses and I started reading Saddle Club, Thoroughbred, Heartland, Phantom Stallion, Chestnut Hill, Pony Pals, all great books but I never got out of reading kids books until this year. Like everyone else I read the Twilight and Harry Potter. This summer though, I started reading more then just books series; I actually started reading Classics, and shocker, I even liked some of them. I found out that they weren't just boring books that parents and teachers make you read because they like to torture you. I was Shocked!!

I've decided to create a book review blog so I can keep track of what I thought of all the books I've read. Plus if anyone ever reads this then hopefully some of my reviews will be helpful, you never know.

That's all for now folks, I will probably post a review later on tonight.