Monday, November 23, 2009

Emma- By Jane Austen

I first saw the movie a few years ago, it was hilarious. The main character is a girl named Emma who trys her hand at matchmaking. Lets just say things don't always turn out how she plans :P

I finally finished the book. it's hard to believe that, even with the 200 years difference, people are exactly the same. Characters like Emma, Mr. Woodhouse, Mrs. Elton, Miss Bates, are so real, you really know people that are like that. Unfortunately there are not enough people like Mr. Knightley, out of all the Jane Austen books I've read (this is my 3rd) Mr. Knightley is my favorite Jane Austen guy. I thought the first half of the book was a bit boring, but as soon as I hit the halfway mark I started really liking the story. It's a good story. If your a Jane Austen fan it should definitely be on your list of books to read.

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