Friday, November 27, 2009

Eragon & Eldest- By Christopher Paolini

ERAGON: The storyline had potential but it never really gets interesting. Saphira is a good character, but Eragon is really boring. I would not recommended reading this. But alot of people like it; everyone has their own opinion.

ELDEST: Well if you are a fan of the first book just ignore my review because we obviously have very different opinions.
The only good part in this book was Roran, I loved reading his story, the rest of the book..... I was not impressed. Saphira was just pathetic, and Eragon who used to be just a boring idiot has been promoted to a love sick boring idiot. if you didn't like Eragon(the book), you can flip through Eldest and read the parts with Roran, or just skip it altogether. I can't decided which is a better option.

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